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New Valorant Agent 22 Teased: All You Need To Know



VALORANT: A Sneak Peek at Agent 22

VALORANT, the wildly popular first-person shooter with a tactical gameplay developed from Riot Games, is all ready to be given an agent in the near future. And it appears like the new agent will give a more laid-back and a more creative feel for the sport. 

John Goscicki, the senior game producer of Riot’s FPS has revealed that the coming Agent 22 will be an diverse expansion of the VALORANT Protocol.

Goscicki released some preliminary information regarding the new agent which revealed that it will offer players new ways of checking corners and find areas on the map. It could also mean the planting of this spike that has had fans excited and intrigued about what’s coming up.


Valorant Agent 22

Riot’s Plan to Release Three New Agents in 2023

Riot Games has a reputation for keeping its players engaged by continuously changing and adding new games with fresh content. And VALORANT isn’t an exception. Riot has announced plans to reveal three new agents in 2023. The first one, Agent 21 has been released Agent 21, the Agent 22 is the second one. Agent 22 has already been teased by Goscicki. In regards to the third agent Riot has remained silent about it, leaving fans to speculate on what’s going to be to come.

Agent 22: A More Chilled and Creative Addition to VALORANT

After the release of some “super aggressive” agents, it appears Riot is now ready to adopt an approach that is more relaxed with Agent 22. Goscicki has said that the new agent is “eclectic,” suggesting that it will add a different level of excitement to. 

It’s possible that this agent will bring new capabilities which will let players take on playing in more thoughtful and relaxed manner. This could provide an exciting change from the frantic and fast action that VALORANT is famous for.


New ways to check corners and find locations

As per Goscicki, Agent 22 will offer players new ways to navigate corners and locate places on the map. This implies that the agent of the future will possess unique capabilities which will let players traverse the world in a unique method. This could refer to anything from a different form of teleportation or a novel method of climbing up walls. It’s bound to alter the game and provide players with a new challenge to conquer.

A New Way of Planting the Spike?

Although Riot hasn’t yet revealed what Agent 22’s capabilities will be however, they have teased agents 22 could provide a different method to plant the spike. This is a great news for those who are always seeking different ways to achieve the game’s goals. While we’re still not certain what the new method for placing the spike will look like however, the teaser photo of the new agent as well as Goscicki’s remarks suggest it’s going to be something that will require cooperation. 

The image shows two hands with claws trying to grasp a boba-cup that could suggest that Agent 22’s skills could involve summoning a coworker to assist with the planting of the spike.


A New Era for VALORANT?

Agent 22’s addition to the game Agent 22 could potentially mark the start of a new era for VALORANT. With an edgier and more creative the game, players could enjoy an interesting change in the speed. New agents as well as new methods of playing will keep players engaged and keep the game new and exciting. In the case of Agent 22, fans will be waiting patiently for more details to be released about the new and mysterious feature of the VALORANT Protocol.

In the end, VALORANT fans have plenty to anticipate in 2023. With the introduction the debut of Agent 22 and two other agents and two new agents, the game is set to get more exciting and demanding. The addition of a cool and imaginative agent such as Agent 22 could potentially change the way that players approach the game, and provide them with an entirely new approach to how to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. When will Agent 22 be released?


A: Riot has not announced an official release date for Agent 22 yet. However, it is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

Q. Will Agent 22’s abilities be overpowered?

A: Riot Games takes balance very seriously when designing their agents in Valorant. While Agent 22’s abilities may seem powerful on paper, Riot Games will likely test and adjust them to ensure they are not overpowered and do not upset the game’s balance. It’s also worth noting that the meta of the game is constantly shifting as new agents are introduced and existing ones are adjusted, so it’s difficult to predict how powerful any particular agent will be in the long term.


Riot’s dedication to continuously making improvements and updates to its games is what differentiates them from other game creators. They listen to their customers and continuously try to improve their games. With the inclusion of Agent 22 it’s evident that Riot is dedicated to keeping VALORANT new and exciting for many years to come.

When players will be able to Agent 22 in action, Riot is yet to announce the exact date for release. But, we can think that it’ll be sometime in the year 2023. Fans must wait and speculate on what kinds of capabilities the new agent brings to the table.

Players will continue to delight in everything VALORANT has got to provide. With its high-speed gameplay, challenging tactical elements, and distinctive character designs, VALORANT is one of the most thrilling first-person shooters in the market in present. With the introduction of Agent 22 it’s going to only get better.


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