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Is Chris Tyson trans? YouTuber opens up



chris tyson

In recent months, fans of Chris Tyson have been questioning the YouTuber’s identity due to a major change in their appearance. The speculation began when a fan on Twitter posted two images of Tyson, highlighting the difference in their face and body.

Tyson has since responded to the confusion by coming out as trans, revealing that they have been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for two months. HRT is often used by trans individuals to replace shortages of estrogen, and Tyson stated that it has saved their life and the lives of many other gender non-conforming people.

Tyson’s response to the confusion over their appearance follows their recent announcement that they have divorced their wife and come out as bisexual. The couple shares children, making the situation a difficult one.


In addition to their announcement about being trans, Tyson has also made it clear that they prefer “any pronouns” and don’t want to be exclusively referred to as he or him.

It’s important to respect Tyson’s wishes and allow them to make informed decisions about their own body and identity.

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