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BGMI Rising Tournament 2023: All You Need To Know



BGMI Rising

The much-anticipated return of BGMI has brought forth exciting news for the gaming community. Krafton, the South Korean publisher, has officially announced the Rising tournament, featuring India’s finest squads.

With a teaser released shortly after the game’s confirmation on May 19, fans who revel in the intensity of BGMI/PUBG Mobile competitions are eagerly anticipating the clash of their favorite teams once again.

The Countdown Begins: 64 Teams, 4 Days of Unbridled Action

Krafton recently took to their official social media channels, sharing a tantalizing 47-second video that has sent waves of excitement through the gaming community. In the teaser, they declare, “Attention! The streets are echoing with the whispers of the game’s return, and it’s time to answer the call. With 64 teams, 4 days full of action, fun, conversation, and much more. Rejoice the Comeback!!”


Battlegrounds Mobile India has made its triumphant return, available for download on both Google Play and iOS platforms starting from May 29. Renowned streamers and players have wasted no time, live-streaming their exhilarating gameplay on YouTube. The influx of viewers has not only boosted the game’s popularity but has also attracted a considerable number of new users.

BGMI Rising: A Star-Studded Affair

The highly anticipated Battlegrounds Mobile India Rising 2023 will bring together a total of 64 teams from across the country. This exhilarating tournament will span four action-packed days, set to kick off in June. However, the identities of these esteemed contestants are yet to be revealed, adding an air of anticipation to the event. Fans who have eagerly awaited the game’s return for nearly a year are in for an unforgettable experience.

As of now, Krafton has chosen to keep the tournament’s format and prize pool under wraps, leaving fans curious and eager for more details. With only one day remaining until the tournament commences, the complete information regarding the competition will be unveiled soon.


The Road to Glory: Indian Teams Prepare for Battle

Ever since Krafton’s official announcement, Indian teams have been diligently preparing themselves for future competitions. Some players have already taken to their social media accounts to reveal the composition of their squads for upcoming tournaments. In the coming days, several organizations are expected to unveil their lineups, fueling the excitement and speculation surrounding the competition.

The Battleground Showdown, held from July 21 to 24, 2022, was the last major BGMI event before the game’s ban. 7SEA Esports emerged victorious, claiming the title and subsequently participating in the 2022 PMWI, a grand PUBG Mobile tournament held in Riyadh.

Live-streaming on YouTube

The 2023 Rising tournament will be broadcasted live on the official YouTube channel of Battleground Ground Mobile India. However, the timetable and match order for the tournament are yet to be disclosed. Prominent teams like Team Soul and GodLike Esports will be fiercely striving to make their mark in this event, seeking to boost their confidence and assert their dominance on the battleground.


As the countdown to the BGMI Rising Tournament begins, fans and players alike are brimming with anticipation. With 64 exceptional teams set to clash over four electrifying days, the event promises to be a memorable spectacle for all gaming enthusiasts. Stay tuned as more details unfold, and the battleground comes alive once again with the fierce battles of BGMI.

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