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Counter Strike 2

Can You Play Counter-Strike 2 On Console? PS5 or Xbox Series X?



can you play counter-strike 2 on console

Counter-Strike 2 has finally arrived, and PC gamers are excitedly exploring the new version of the game. But what about console players? Can they expect to join in on the fun as well? Here’s what we know so far.

After several weeks of leaks and rumors, Counter-Strike 2 has been officially released, offering players a multitude of crucial gameplay changes, system improvements, and visual upgrades. However, the game is currently only available on PC, with even Linux and MacOS users unable to access the early test build.

Is Counter-Strike 2 On the Console?

As for console players, the answer is a bit disappointing: there is currently no way to play Counter-Strike 2 on any console, including the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems. This is not surprising given that the franchise has always been optimized for mouse and keyboard play, rather than controller input.


Unfortunately, there is no indication that Counter-Strike 2 will be coming to any console anytime soon. Valve, the developer behind the game, has not yet addressed the possibility of a console port, so fans on PS5 or Xbox Series X | S would be wise not to get their hopes up for a release on their platform of choice in the near future.

In summary, Counter-Strike 2 is strictly limited to PC for the time being, and there is no indication that it will be released on console anytime soon. Should any news come out about a console version, we will be sure to update you here with all the latest.

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