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Can You Play Counter Strike 2 On Steam Deck?



article on counter-strike 2 on steam deck

Valve’s recently announced Steam Deck has already caught the attention of Counter Strike fans, with speculation about whether the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 will be playable on the handheld device. While Valve has confirmed that Counter Strike 2 is indeed in development, the question of whether it will run on the Steam Deck remains unclear.

Source 2 Engine and Counter-Strike History

Valve’s Source 2 engine, which was developed to power Half-Life 2, has been in use for over 20 years. It has been used to create some of Valve’s most popular titles, including Team Fortress 2, Portal, and the original Counter-Strike. However, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, released in 2012, continued to use the older Source 1 engine while Valve shifted its focus to Source 2.

Performance on the Steam Deck

As the Steam Deck uses a custom AMD APU, there are concerns about its performance with more demanding games. While Dota 2, which also uses Source 2, runs smoothly on the device, Valve’s VR title Half-Life: Alyx has yet to receive a non-VR version for the Steam Deck. However, users have reported impressive performance on more taxing games, which bodes well for Counter-Strike 2.


The Importance of Compatibility For Counter Strike 2

Valve and other game developers have made it a priority to ensure their games run on a wide variety of hardware, particularly in markets where internet cafes are still popular or in areas with lower-end machines. With the Steam Deck being Valve’s first hardware success, it’s likely that they will ensure that Counter-Strike 2 is playable on the device.

H2: Controller vs Keyboard and Mouse

One potential issue for Counter-Strike 2 on the Steam Deck is the lack of a traditional keyboard and mouse setup. While the device comes with a built-in controller, it remains to be seen whether Valve will allow players to choose between the controller and traditional input methods. This could potentially split the player base and affect the game’s competitive scene.

Will Counter-Strike 2 be Playable on the Steam Deck?

While Valve has not officially confirmed that Counter-Strike 2 will be playable on the Steam Deck, it seems almost certain that they will make it happen. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive runs smoothly on the device, and the device’s resolution cap of 1280×800 is more than enough to handle the game. With its impressive performance on other demanding games, the Steam Deck could potentially become the go-to platform for playing Counter-Strike on the go.


In conclusion, while there is no official confirmation yet, the likelihood of Counter-Strike 2 being playable on the Steam Deck is high. With Valve’s history of ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of hardware, it seems reasonable to assume that they will prioritize making the game playable on their own hardware. Counter-Strike fans eagerly await further news and confirmation on this exciting development.

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