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WWE 2K23: Price, Pre-Order Bonus, Release Date, and DLC Packs



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Are you eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated launch of WWE 2K23? The latest edition of this widely beloved wrestling game series has been officially unveiled, and players are now afforded the opportunity to pre-order the game in three different editions, namely the Standard, Deluxe, and Iconic versions.

This article provides you with all the necessary details concerning the game, including its pricing, pre-order bonus, release date, and DLC packs.

WWE 2K23 Price and Pre-Order Bonus

Should you opt to acquire the Standard version of WWE 2K23, you will be required to shell out either $59.99 or $69.99, depending on the platform of your choosing. However, for players who opt for the Deluxe or Iconic version, additional perks await.


They will enjoy access to the game 72 hours prior to its official release date, and they will also be granted the privilege of playing as Bad Bunny, a playable character, as well as the Ruby Bad Bunny MyFaction card.

Check out the following rundown of the various platforms and their corresponding prices:

  • PS5/Xbox Series S: Standard version for $69.99
  • PS4/Xbox One/PC: Standard version for $59.99
  • PS5/PC/Xbox Series S: Deluxe version for $99.99
  • PS4/Xbox One/PS5/PC/Xbox Series S: Iconic version for $119.99

WWE 2K23 Release Date

Mark your calendars! WWE 2K23 will be released on March 17, 2023, for all the aforementioned platforms. John Cena, the 16-time WWE champion, will grace the cover of the game, in honor of his two-decade-long relationship with the wrestling company.

Once the game is launched, players will be able to enjoy the WarGames mode, which will make a comeback with intense 3v3 and 4v4 fights. Furthermore, the game will also feature a showcase of John Cena, a fan-favorite wrestler.


WWE 2K23 DLC Packs

Following the game’s release, five DLC packs will be made available to players, featuring 25 new characters, with 24 of them being playable and one being a manager. A total of 20 of these characters will be showcased in a WWE game for the first time.

Players who have purchased the Season Pass will have the privilege of accessing these characters at no additional cost following their scheduled launch. The characters will be released in a staggered manner, so keep your eyes peeled for any new arrivals.

WWE 2K23 stands as one of the most eagerly anticipated wrestling games of 2023. With its diverse range of editions, pre-order bonus, and DLC packs, the game promises to deliver a thrilling experience to players. If you’re an avid fan of the WWE franchise, make sure to mark March 17, 2023, on your calendar and prepare to enter the ring!

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