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Twitch Streamer xQc Criticizes OnlyFans Content Purchases



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Canadian Twitch streamer xQc, who is known for his candid and often controversial opinions, has recently shared his thoughts on people who pay for OnlyFans content. In his April 7th Livestream, while playing Minecraft, xQc stated that purchasing OnlyFans content is one of the most degenerate actions of mankind.

As the most-watched and biggest streamer on Twitch, xQc has a massive following of over 11 million fans. Despite his success, he has been having trouble with his ex-roommate/girlfriend, Adept, which has even escalated to a court hearing.

During his Livestream, xQc criticized the act of paying for OnlyFans content, calling it a deliberate, life back peddling, progress hindering, and brain rotting activity. He claimed that it is one of the worst actions that anyone has ever come up with.


It’s not the first time that xQc has been in hot water for his comments. In March, he leaked his Twitter DM’s with Adin Ross during his Livestream, which made him flustered and scurried to provide an explanation. Just a few days later, he leaked his Twitter DM’s again.

Despite his controversial opinions, xQc continues to be a popular Twitch streamer, with an average viewership count of over 100k. His outspokenness and candidness are part of what makes him stand out from other streamers.

In conclusion, xQc’s recent comments on people who pay for OnlyFans content have caused a stir in the Twitch community. While some may agree with his opinion, others may see it as unnecessary criticism. Regardless, xQc remains one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with a dedicated fanbase that supports him through both controversy and success.


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