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Splatoon 3 Wave 1 DLC: Release Date And All You Need To Know



Excited fans are in the air with the announcement of Splatoon 3 Wave 1 DLC expansion gets closer. As the release date is set, players can’t hold back their excitement about the upcoming expansion. This article will discuss all you must know about the forthcoming expansion including release dates and what to expect.

Splatoon 3 Wave 1 DLC Release Date and Pricing

The players won’t be waiting too long for the initial part of the Expansion Pass, as Wave 1 of the Splatoon 3 DLC expansion is scheduled to launch on February 28th 2023. The full pass that includes the two waves 1 along with Wave 2 can be purchased at $24.99. However, the Waves can’t be purchased individually, which means gamers must purchase the complete pass to enjoy the complete DLC.

Splatoon 3 Wave 1 – Inkopolis

Contrary to its predecessor, Splatoon 3 DLC expansion will be released in two distinct waves. The first one, Inkopolis, will be the main focus of the forthcoming DLC. In Inkopolis players will have the chance to go back to the original city from the very first Splatoon game. It’s certain to bring back nostalgic memories for fans who have played for a long time the game.


Inkopolis offers players the chance to acquire useful equipment and weapons that they already have from the game. In addition the developers have designed an innovative method to celebrate Splatfests within Inkopolis such as The Squid Sisters of Callie and Marie will be performing throughout the city at every Splatfest.

Splatoon 3 Wave 2 – Side Order

The date of release of Wave 2 of the Splatoon 3 DLC expansion is been awaited However, many in the community are hopeful of an announcement within the next few months. Wave 2, known as Side Order, will likely provide a wide range of thrilling and innovative gameplay features for the player.

Gameplay Elements and Rewards

Although there won’t be specific gameplay or story elements included in the first wave 1 in the DLC game, users can anticipate more expansive gameplay features to be added in Wave 2. Since as the Splatoon 3 Battle Pass scheduled to close around the date that Inkopolis is released the players will be given a the time to finish and earn all of the rewards in the Chill Season catalog before it’s replaced by a new level of objectives and rewards.


The brand new Spring Catalog will be available after the launch of the expansion. It will give gamers the opportunity to win exciting new rewards. It is going to be fascinating to see what rewards are offered this time.

It is expected that the Splatoon 3 Wave 1 DLC expansion is expected to be a thrilling expansion to the game, providing players with the chance to return to Inkopolis and enjoy Splatfests in an innovative and distinctive manner. 

As it is expected that the DLC is coming out in two distinct phases, players can anticipate an array of new exciting gameplay features and rewards that will be announced in the coming months. Be ready to dive to Splatoon 3’s world Splatoon 3 and experience all the exciting new content that the expansion will bring!

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