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Everything you need to know about BGIS quarter final

BGIS quarter final

The Online Qualifiers of Most Awaited Event, Battleground Mobile Series (BGIS) 2021 concluded with the end of Round 3 on 30 December 2021.

Following the nerve-wracking days of qualifiers and a series of heartbreaking exits including likes of Velocity Gaming, In Form Chemin Esports, and Dynamo’s Hydra Official, the top 64 teams advanced for the BGIS Quarter Finals. Respect to the Aggression of many Under Dog Talents kept viewers on the edge of their seats for the major part of the event till now, it will be exciting to see how these team will strategize their game as the stage gets tougher.


The Quarter-Finals will commence from January 2, 2022 and will conclude on January 5, 2022. The 64 competing teams have been divided into four groups of 16 teams each. The four-day Quarter-Finals will feature 24 matches in total. Each day the teams will compete in a total of six matches a day for the top six spots in their respective groups. The 24 qualified teams (six from each group) will then move ahead to the Semi-Finals of BGIS 2021.


BGIS quarter final

Group 1 of Quater Finals contains a boatload of In-Form Squads. Teams such as TSM, Fan-Favorite XSpark, Skylightz Gaming, and Celsius Esports will intensify the competition in their group to the next level. TSM made a bold statement during the third round of the online qualifiers when they secured 110 points in just three games, which also included a whooping 31 frag chicken dinner. They cleared their intentions of hunting down squads when Ninja in an interview hinted at following the same mindset in further rounds.

Seasoned teams like Team XO, GodLike Esports, and 7Sea Esports would be the ones to look out for in their respective groups, having an image of being heavy dominators, it will be exciting to see how these teams look forward in making their way into the semifinals. Interestingly, Team SouL and GodLike Esports have been pitted against each other in the same group. Team SouL defying the odds and speculations of the audience shocked Gaming Community Gurus when they came out on top in the very first map played. On the other hand, Godlike has a history of ripping professional lobbies apart with their abnormal aggression. With both teams being fan favorites, their rivalry will be a treat to watch.

With the addition of Ex-TeamIND Filter, Slayer, Global Esports has found a new flair. The team’s performance in the Online Qualifiers was top-notch, and they finished with the top spot in their group. The team will look to replicate the same performance that they showcased in the quarter-finals.

Among the underdogs, Team Mayavi, Orgless 5 will be the teams to look out for. The team has seen exponential growth in recent tournaments, and will likely leave a mark on the Quarter-Finals Stage.


The live broadcast for the tournament will begin from 5:30 pm IST on the official channel of Battlegrounds Mobile India in Hindi and English.

What are your Speculations? Do tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to tune in on BGMI Official Youtube to cheer your favorite squads in Quater Finals of BGIS 2021.

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