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Team Soul might advances into semis of BGIS shocking turn of event



team soul

BGIS 2021 is BGMI’s first major official tournament. The craze around the tournament has been immense and the teams’ performance in the competition has justified the hype. Event has been full of shockers, upsets and spicy twists. Amidst of unexpected turns, BGIS will get more interesting as Team SouL is speculated to join 23 Semi Finalist Teams. According to various sources an underdog team who paved their way from very bottom, Team 4 Heores might get disqualified due to ringing.

As quoted by Community Experts, it is rumoured that players of 4 Heroes provided false documents or included unregistered members in their respective matches. Proofs regarding same-same have been provided to officials by the members of Team SouL which might lead to the disqualification of the accused team. Surprisingly the authenticity was not properly ensured by the organizers in previous rounds resulting in this chaos at the crucial stage of the event. On one side 4 Heroes is struggling to retain their place in the semi-finals whereas Soul fans have every reason to celebrate as they might get to see their favourites playing for glory once again.

An official announcement on the matter is yet to be done by the Krafton side. It will be exciting to see how this will end and who will be the one playing the semi-finals starting from tomorrow evening. Also, it gathers attention on the inefficient working of the officials as they failed to find the error beforehand. What are your views on the matter ? Don’t forget to share them in the comments section below.

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