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How to Obtain Mortar Strikes in Call of Duty DMZ Season 2



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Call of Duty DMZ’s Season 2 update has introduced a range of changes, including a new faction, fresh missions, and the addition of the Ashika Island map. Several new Faction missions take place on Ashika Island, making it an essential location for players to explore. However, some players are having trouble with the “Death From Above” mission, which requires the use of Mortar Strikes in DMZ, and is a tier 2 mission given out by White Lotus.

Mortar Strikes are a well-known killstreak in Call of Duty, typically acquired through ground loot or achieving a certain kill streak. However, in DMZ, players cannot obtain them through conventional means. Instead, players must spend time on Ashika Island to acquire Mortar Strikes. Read on for a guide on how to obtain them.

Getting Mortar Strikes in Call of Duty DMZ

White Lotus mission requires players to achieve eight kills using the Mortar Strike killstreak. This can be quite challenging, as the Mortar Strike lands in one location, and DMZ enemies are typically on the move. Players can eliminate either real players or AI soldiers, and we recommend the latter as they are found in bunches on the map.


To obtain Mortar Strikes in DMZ, players must visit a Buy Station with at least $12,000 cash on hand. Each Mortar Strike costs that amount, so players must keep buying them until they achieve eight kills in total.

Ashika Island is the easiest map to complete this mission as it is smaller, and players can locate more enemies in less time and obtain cash quickly. Once you have a Mortar Strike, find a densely populated location on the map with plenty of AI soldiers. Then, call in the Mortar Strike right on top of several enemies. With luck, you’ll get a solid number of kills. At least two Mortar Strikes are needed to complete this mission as one may not be sufficient to eliminate eight enemies.

In addition to this method, players can also wait for a chopper carrying AI soldiers and call in their Mortar Strike right where it is supposed to land. This will instantly eliminate at least four or five soldiers as the chopper explodes.


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