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Chess Super League 2021 Is Here



Chess Super League

The Chess Super League is a grand event that will be a virtual event starting from 11th October and ending season 1 on 17th October. Samay Raina, ChessBase India, and NODWIN Gaming come together to launch the league which will be known as Chess Super League.

The league will be consisting of six teams :

  1. Six International grandmasters
  2. Six Indian grandmasters
  3. Six International female players
  4. Six Indian female players
  5. Six India juniors
  6. Six Indian junior girls

The league stage will be played in a Round Robin format and the top 4 teams from the league stage will qualify for the playoffs. The matches will be played with a time control of 15 minutes + 10 seconds increment per move. On 16th October, the teams who maintain their position in the top 2 will play qualifier 1, and the teams ending up at 3rd and 4th will play eliminator 1. The winner of qualifiers 1 moves to the finals. Eliminator 2 consists of the loser of qualifier 1 against the winner of eliminator 1. The winner of eliminator 2 moves to the finals and the finals will be held on 17th October.

The league will be having the best anti-cheating methods, three International Arbiters will be working at the event: IA Vivek Sohani (Chief Arbiter), IA Anandh Babu VL, and IA Vasanth BH.

-Tanay Pathare


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