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Apex Legends: The Rarest Loba Skins



apex legends loba rare skins

In “Apex Legends,” the battle royale sensation, players have access to a wide variety of cosmetics that can customise their appearance in-game, including different weapon skins, character skins, and banners. However, not all cosmetics are created equal, and some are more challenging to obtain than others.

Loba is the Apex Legends character you’d expect to have the best skins due to her killer sense of fashion. T

his article will focus on the rarest Loba skins in the game that are either unavailable in the regular shop or can only be obtained through special events or time-limited challenges.


Loba’s Skin Rarity

Skins in “Apex Legends” are available in four different rarities, from Common to Legendary/Mythic. Loba has 70 different skins in total, including 19 Legendary, 13 Epic, 22 Rare, and 16 Common skins. However, some of these skins are more challenging to obtain than others.

The Rarest Loba Skins

Here are the rarest Loba skins in “Apex Legends”:

Game Master

Game Master is a rare-tier skin that was released in May 2020 as a gift to Prime Gaming members. The skin features an elegant brown and turquoise design and is one of the most challenging skins to obtain due to the extra steps required to obtain it. Players had to be Prime Gaming subscribers in May 2020 and manually activate the reward from their account.


Breaking the Law

Breaking the Law is a Legendary skin that completely changes Loba’s vibe. With a short haircut and tattoos, Loba looks like a true outlaw who has compromised style for functionality. The skin was given as a reward for levelling up in Battle Pass season 12, which ran in the spring of 2022, and is becoming more scarce with each new season.

PS Plus Skins

PS Plus subscribers received two exclusive skins in previous seasons, Ocean Groove (season 7) and Retro Wave (season 15). These skins are currently unavailable, making them some of the rarest Loba skins in the game.


Huntswoman is another rare-tier skin that was released during the same season that Loba was introduced in the game. Players who completed level 53 of the season five battle pass received access to this antique design skin. As battle pass skins are typically not reissued after their initial release, there is currently no way to obtain this Loba skin.


Poison Dart

Poison Dart is a skin that was given to players who completed the battle pass for season 11 at level one. Although it was released recently, battle pass skins are some of the hardest to obtain in the game, making it one of the rarest Loba skins.

While players can customise their appearance in-game with various skins in “Apex Legends,” some skins are more valuable and challenging to obtain than others. Loba, the game’s character with the best sense of fashion, has some of the rarest skins in the game, including Game Master, Breaking the Law, PS Plus skins, Huntswoman, and Poison Dart. These skins are either unavailable in the regular shop or can only be obtained through special events or time-limited challenges, making them highly coveted by devoted Loba players.

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