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Valorant Rank Distribution March 2023: Details Inside



valorant rank distribution

Valorant, an FPS title developed by Riot Games, has captured the attention of the gaming community with its competitive ranked mode. With its challenging gameplay and ranking system, players must spend hours honing their skills and executing effective strategies to climb the ranks. In this article, we will take a closer look at Valorant’s rank distribution as of March 2023.

Rank distribution of Valorant players in March 2023

The current rank distribution in Valorant follows a bell-curve shape, with most players situated around the lower ranks such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. As players climb the ranks, the player base becomes increasingly skilled, and matches become more challenging.

The significant jump in concentration can be seen around the Silver rank, where players have achieved a certain level of understanding of the game’s mechanics and competitive nature. From here, players can advance to the Gold rank by utilizing their newfound knowledge and implementing effective strategies.


However, the challenges start to appear after Gold rank, as players in Platinum and above must juggle both mechanical and strategic skills. With each tier, the proficiency of the player base increases, making it increasingly difficult to climb the ranks.

Rank Disparities

The rank tiers expanded when Riot introduced an additional rank between Diamond and Immortal, resulting in further rank disparities and filtering out a percentage of the player base. As a result, climbing the ranks in Valorant has become even more challenging, and players must be dedicated and put in a significant amount of time and effort to reach the top.

Valorant Rank Distribution Percentage

According to the rank distribution chart, Silver 1 contains approximately 8.3% of the entire player base, while only 0.3% occupies the top rank. The curve from Silver 1 to Immortal 3 is quite linear, indicating a lack of motivation for players to climb higher.

Incentives for Climbing Ranks

One of the main issues in Valorant’s ranked mode is the lack of incentives for climbing the ranks. Currently, the only rewards players receive at the end of a competitive season are two gun buddies. Riot Games could introduce new player cards and other in-game assets to motivate players to grind and climb the ranks.


However, it’s important to remember that not all players aim to climb the ranks. Some players enjoy the game for its entertainment value and prefer to play with friends or casually. For those who are competitive, aim trainers and professional player streams can be a useful tool to improve their skills and climb the ranks.

Valorant’s rank distribution chart shows that most players are situated around the lower ranks, making climbing the ladder a difficult task. The addition of a new rank tier between Diamond and Immortal has further increased the difficulty level. With the lack of incentives for climbing the ranks, players must rely on their determination and dedication to reach the top.

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