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Thug calls JONATHAN, Mortal, and Scout Legends



JONATHAN, Mortal, and Scout: Thug's esteemed legends

Thug BGMI: In a recent BGMI tournament live stream, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, co-owner and content creator of S8UL Esports, expressed his immense respect for three of the most prominent Indian esports players and content creators – Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral, Naman “MortaL” Mathur, and Tanmay “Scout” Singh.

Thug Labels JONATHAN, Mortal, and Scout as Legends

Thug specifically highlighted his admiration for JONATHAN, stating that he would never disrespect him and that he had left a remarkable impact on the Indian esports community. He also expressed his confidence in JONATHAN’s abilities as a player, stating that he believed JONATHAN could become the top fragger of the tournament.

Thug went on to label JONATHAN, MortaL, and Scout as “legends,” placing them in a category of their own and emphasising that he considers them to be completely different from other players.


Thug’s comments are not surprising given the significant contributions that JONATHAN, MortaL, and Scout have made to the Indian esports industry. JONATHAN, who currently plays professionally for GodLike Esports, is widely regarded as one of the top BGMI players in India. Scout, who plays for his own organization, TeamXSpark, and MortaL, a former professional BGMI player for Team SouL, are also highly accomplished and influential figures in the Indian esports scene.

Thug’s Respect for JONATHAN, Mortal, and Scout

Thug’s comments highlight the level of respect that JONATHAN, MortaL, and Scout have earned among their peers in the Indian esports community. Despite being professional esports players, these three individuals have also become popular content creators and streamers, showcasing their skills and personalities to a wider audience.

Thug’s recognition of JONATHAN’s abilities as a player is also significant, given the increasing competition and skill level in the Indian esports scene. As more players and teams enter the market, the pressure to perform at a high level increases, making it all the more impressive for JONATHAN and others to maintain their status as top players.


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