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Neon Valorant: Age, Background, and Abilities



Neon Age Valorant: Valorant is one of the most sought-after multiplayer games in the world today. Its popularity has been increasing ever since its release, and its player base is growing at a rapid pace. With that said, the game’s developers are constantly creating new content to keep the excitement alive.

The latest addition to the game is Neon, a character that has caught the attention of many players. In this article, we will discuss how old Neon is and provide you with an overview of her abilities and background.

Overview of Neon in Valorant

Neon is one of the newest agents in Valorant, a radiant with the ability to deal high electrical damage. She is a speedy character with the codename “Sprinter,” known for her agility and lightning-fast movements. Her origin is from Manila, Philippines, making her the first Filipino character in the game. She played a significant role in creating the Alpha-Omega Bridge and is responsible for rebooting the portal alongside Killjoy, as per the game’s lore.


Neon age Valorant

One of the questions many Valorant fans have been asking is how old Neon is. Based on her backstory and teasers, Neon is a young woman of 19 years old. This is not uncommon for Valorant, as many of the agents in the game are younger characters.

Neon’s Abilities

As mentioned, Neon is a radiant character who can deal high electrical damage. Her abilities include Flashpoint, a flash grenade that explodes upon contact, and her ultimate ability, Lockdown, which creates an electric field that detains enemies within its range.

Neon’s Background

Neon is a woman of Filipino descent, with olive skin and short stature, making her a unique addition to Valorant’s diverse lineup of characters. Her athletic attire, which includes black and blue running leggings, accentuates her lightning-fast movements, adding a distinct flair to her character.


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