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Mr Beast Arrested? Here’s Truth



mr beast arrested

In a stunning turn of events, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, the YouTube sensation with an astounding 154 million subscribers, fell victim to an intricately planned prank masterminded by fellow YouTuber Airrack. What initially appeared to be a real-life encounter with the law turned out to be an elaborate setup, leaving MrBeast both shocked and amused by the audacity of the prank. Let’s delve into the details of this captivating story that has captivated millions of online viewers.

Airrack, known for his penchant for elaborate pranks, joined forces with the New York Police Department to execute a prank of epic proportions on MrBeast. A video capturing the entire sequence of events was swiftly uploaded, garnering an astonishing half a million views within mere hours.

The prank commenced when MrBeast was pulled over by the police while driving his luxurious Tesla. As the bewildered YouTube star stepped out of his vehicle, he was unexpectedly handcuffed and escorted into the backseat of a police car. Bystanders watched in awe, unaware that this was all part of a meticulously planned ruse.


At first, MrBeast appeared amused, seemingly taking the prank in stride. However, his demeanor quickly shifted when one of the officers, seated beside him in the cruiser, inquired about any potential threats he had received. Sensing the gravity of the situation, MrBeast grew silent, refusing to divulge any information.

Escorted to a local police station, MrBeast was placed in a holding cell, deprived of basic necessities such as food and water. Hours ticked by, and the anxiety of the prank started to weigh heavily on him. Finally, he was granted permission to make a phone call, a glimmer of hope in an otherwise distressing experience.

It was during that pivotal phone call that Airrack finally confessed the truth to MrBeast – the entire ordeal had been an elaborate prank. A mix of relief and astonishment washed over MrBeast as he realized the extent of the deception. Reflecting on the experience, he admitted, “I genuinely believed it was real. But then a thought crossed my mind that this might be a prank. I mean, this level of effort seemed excessive for a prank. However, as I entered the cell, doubt started creeping in.”


With Airrack successfully pulling off one of the most audacious pranks in recent memory, viewers and fans eagerly await MrBeast’s retaliation. Known for his over-the-top challenge videos and grand-scale projects, it remains to be seen what MrBeast has in store for Airrack as payback for this unforgettable prank. One can only imagine the lengths he will go to surpass the shock and amusement that Airrack’s prank has brought upon him.

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