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Free Fire Max Shut Down India – Latest News and Updates



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Free Fire Max, the alternate version of Free Fire developed to provide a premium gaming experience, is set to be discontinued by Garena. According to a recent report by Free Fire Mania Brazil, the company has requested users to download the original version of the game as the MAX version will stop receiving maintenance and updates after March 21, 2023.

Garena spokesperson has reportedly confirmed the decision, although it remains unclear whether this discontinuation will apply to other regions or not. Meanwhile, Indian users have not received any such in-game mail yet, and the game is still available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

End of Support for Free Fire

In a move to enhance the overall gaming experience for Free Fire users, Garena has decided to focus its resources on the original version of the game. As a result, Free Fire MAX will no longer receive maintenance and updates from March 21, 2023. Users have been urged to ensure that their accounts are linked to a social network to access the original Free Fire.


The in-game mail sent by Garena to Free Fire MAX users is originally written in Portuguese and roughly translates to: “To improve the experience for everyone who plays Free Fire, we will focus our resources on Free Fire Original. Therefore, effective from March 21, 2023, we will stop providing maintenance and updates for the MAX version. Be sure to ensure that the account is linked to a social network to access it in the original Free Fire.”

Confirmation of Free Fire Max Shutdown

The next update for Free Fire is scheduled for March 22, 2023. Until then, players who have already installed Free Fire MAX can continue to use the game as usual. However, after the update, the MAX version of Free Fire will no longer be available for user login.

According to Free Fire Mania Brazil, a Garena spokesperson has confirmed the discontinuation of Free Fire MAX in a conversation with the outlet. “As part of efforts to improve the experience of Brazilian Free Fire players, we request that everyone follow the next game updates in the original Free Fire application starting March 21, 2023. Brazilian Free Fire Max users can link their guest accounts using social media login or email until March 21, 2023. Download Free Fire now from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and link your account,” the spokesperson reportedly stated.


Impact on Indian Users

It is important to note that the spokesperson specifically mentioned Brazil and did not mention whether the discontinuation of Free Fire MAX will be applicable to other regions as well. Meanwhile, Indian Free Fire MAX users have not received any in-game mail yet, and the game remains available on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

However, the potential global implementation of the ban could result in Indian players being entirely disconnected from the Free Fire community, as they are currently left with Free Fire MAX after the Indian government’s ban on Free Fire last year.

Garena’s decision to discontinue Free Fire MAX has come as a surprise to many fans of the game. While the move is aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience for Free Fire users, it remains to be seen how it will impact players across different regions. Free Fire enthusiasts will now have to wait and see how Garena’s decision affects the game’s future.

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