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CS:GO Sets New Record for Concurrent Players Amidst Source 2 Update Rumors



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CSGO, which is like this super cool shooting game that lots of people play, just broke its own record for having the most players playing it at once. That’s like, 1 million, 4 hundred and 20 thousand people all playing at the same time! Crazy, right?

And get this – there’s this big rumor going around that they’re going to update the game with something called ‘CSGOS2‘. Everyone’s been talking about it and getting super hyped up, especially after some fancy journalist guy confirmed it’s actually happening.

Apparently, even though CS:GO has been around for like, forever, more and more people are playing it these days. Last year, with COVID and everything, they had 1.3 million players all at once, which is a lot, but now it’s even more!


Other games on the computer game platform Steam don’t even come close to CS:GO’s popularity. The next most popular game, DOTA 2, only has like, 750,000 people playing at once, which is like, way less than CS:GO. And even though other games have had more people playing at one time before, none of them can match how many people keep playing CS:GO all the time.

So here’s the big question – are you going to join in on the fun and play CS:GO too? When the new update comes out, everyone’s going to be trying it out. But we don’t really know when that’s going to be yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Either way, CS:GO is still awesome and we’re all going to keep playing it no matter what!

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