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7Sea Esports Confirmed as Franchise in Rs. 2 Crore Skyesports Masters 2023



7sea esports in skyesports masters

7Sea Esports, an India-based multi-dimensional entertainment brand, has strengthened its esports portfolio by entering Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). The team has signed a five-man roster and is set to be one of the eight franchised teams competing for the Rs. 2 Crore Prize Pool at the Skyesports Masters 2023.

The Skyesports Masters is India’s biggest gaming tournament to date. It is set to begin on July 1 with the action-packed League Stage running until Aug. 17. From here, the top four teams will advance to the Playoffs, which is set to happen on Aug. 26 and 27 as a grand on-ground event in front of a live audience. Eight franchised teams are set to lock horns for the title of champions and a share of the Rs. 2,00,00,000 prize pool.

7sea esports CSGO Roster unveiled

● Yash “Benzene” Kumar Singh
● Vishvesh “CycloneF”
● Bhavesh “Bhavi” Sejwani
● Prateek “DiceDealer” Saini
● Elvis “ELV1S” Eric Soans


7Sea has signed a young roster in line with the brand’s vision to give India’s youth a platform to
showcase their talents. The players have been competing professionally for over two years.
Benzene, CycloneF, and Bhavi previously played together and finished second in the WD Black Cup 2023 as well as the Taiwan Excellence Cup 2022. DiceDealer, on the other hand, placed first in the Taiwan Excellence Cup 2022 and the ROG Showdown Summer 2022. Last but not the least, ELV1S has numerous accolades to his name as well such as second-place finishes in the ROG Showdown Fall 2021 and the Logitech Loco Cup 2022.

Commenting on joining the Skyesports Masters, Ashwin Haryani, the Country Head (India) at Ampverse, said, “Happy to be part of the Skyesports Masters and excited to see the franchise format enter into the Indian esports industry in such a grand way. Skyesports has delivered some amazing IPs in the past and they will no doubt do a great job with this league as well. I amvery hopeful that such events shall steer the esports ecosystem into a more profitable, mature, and stable industry.”

7Sea Esports will be further signing two players from the open-for-all Skyesports Masters cafe qualifiers. The qualifiers will happen in gaming cafes across 20 cities in India to recognize the best CSGO talent from the grassroots. Registrations for the cafe qualifiers are currently underway on the official Skyesports Masters website.


Skyesports Masters, happening as a multi-week exciting esports event with non-stop action, opens doors for organizations to connect with a wide audience while growing their digital persona. The league also provides a perfect platform for brands like 7Sea Esports to crossover esports and entertainment.

Commenting on the tournament, Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, Skyesports, said, “We are
thrilled to have 7Sea Esports join us for the Skyesports Masters. The organization has been making strides across esports, lifestyle, and entertainment and having holistic brands like these is a testament to the power of the Skyesports Masters to captivate a young audience and subsequently grow leaps and folds. I am happy to see 7Sea esports sign a young team with new talent to nurture in the long term and wish them the best of luck.”

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