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When Is the Next Valorant Night Market? (June 2023)



valorant night market

Valorant’s Night Market has established a tradition of resurfacing every eight weeks, generating excitement and anticipation among the player base. Riot Games, the esteemed developer behind the game, is expected to release an official statement as the event draws near, providing players with the specific details and exact date of the Night Market’s grand reopening.

When Is The Valorant Night Market Releasing In June 2023?

Brace yourselves as the next Night Market is set to make its appearance sometime in mid-to-late June 2023, coinciding with the launch of the highly anticipated next Act, expected to drop around June 26th, 2023.

The forthcoming Night Market introduces exciting changes to enhance the player experience. Riot Games has implemented a Bad Luck Protection system, ensuring that every participant will have a chance to select from at least two Premium Edition (PE) skins, even if they haven’t collected every single PE skin available in the game. Moreover, players can expect a diverse assortment of skins, as the Night Market guarantees not more than two skins for the same weapon.


Once the Night Market becomes accessible, players can conveniently browse their selection of skins through a dedicated indicator located in Valorant’s main menu. However, it’s crucial to note that the Night Market won’t include recently released skins, so enthusiasts should manage their expectations and not anticipate skin collections introduced within the last two months.

Obtaining desired skins from the Valorant Night Market in 2023 presents a unique challenge. Unlike other games where skin rotations follow a fixed schedule, the Night Market in Valorant operates on a player-specific basis, relying on randomness rather than a predetermined rotation. Consequently, some players may experience frustration when their preferred skins fail to appear, even after patiently waiting for an extended period. Unlike its counterpart, League of Legends, Valorant does not incorporate account activity as a determining factor for the skins presented in the Night Market.

Nonetheless, the Night Market’s regular recurrence offers solace to disappointed players. Every eight weeks, a fresh selection of skins becomes available, revitalizing the opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire their most coveted cosmetic items. While players eagerly await the return of the Night Market, Riot Games has not yet disclosed any plans to introduce a re-roll feature allowing the use of premium currency to change skins.


Valorant aficionados around the world eagerly anticipate the upcoming Night Market, where they can capitalize on exclusive discounts to acquire their dream skins.

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