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Valorant Patch Notes 2004: April Fools Patch Note From Riot Games



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Riot Games’ VALORANT has taken the gaming world by storm. The first-person shooter game has been incredibly popular, attracting millions of players from around the world. It’s not just the game’s graphics and design that have made it so successful; the continuous updates and changes to the game have kept players engaged and entertained.

In this article, we will look at some of the latest changes made to VALORANT and what players can expect from the new updates.

Agent Updates


Wingman can now pick up and shoot guns. This update means that players can now use the popular Wingman character to pick up and use guns on the site. The Wingman’s new ability is exciting news for players who love to play with this character.

Brimstone’s beard now adds rapid fire to the game. This update adds an exciting new feature to Brimstone’s character. Players will now be able to enjoy rapid fire when they’re near Brimstone’s beard. It’s a small change, but it will make a big difference to the gameplay.

Competitive Updates


VALORANT e-daters in Ranked will now be placed in a dedicated queue where they can only hear each other’s voice comms. This change will make it easier for players to communicate with their partners while playing VALORANT. It’s a welcome update for those who are looking for love on the battlefield.

Gameplay Systems Updates

Shots fired while in spawn will now shoot into enemy spawn. This update is a significant change to the game’s mechanics, and players will need to adapt to it quickly. It will add a new level of strategy to the game.


Jett dash is now cooldown based instead of charge based, and the cooldown is now set to 0.5 seconds. Jett’s dash has always been a popular ability among players, and this update makes it even better. The reduced cooldown time means that players can now use the ability more frequently.

Maps Updates

Breeze is now the only map, and it comes with cabanas and Adirondack chairs. The change to the map selection is a bold move by the developers, but it’s a welcome one. Players will enjoy the new additions of cabanas and chairs, which add a new dimension to the gameplay.


Modes Updates

Suss Teammate Mode: Solo queue with scoreboard and comms turned off. This update is a significant change to the game’s modes, and it’s one that players have been asking for. The new mode will allow players to play solo, without any distractions.

Performance Updates


In-game leads will now get an “aged” effect face filter applied to their Agent. This update adds a fun new feature to the game. Players who are in-game leads will now have an “aged” effect applied to their character’s face.

Progression Updates

Players can now progress the Battlepass on their stationary bike. This update is an innovative way to encourage players to exercise while playing VALORANT. It’s a fun and unique feature that will add a new level of engagement to the game.


Social Updates

Use of “VALORANT Accent” in voice comms is now automatically translated. This update is a significant change for players who play with people from different countries. The new feature will make communication much easier for players who don’t speak the same language.

Weapons Updates


The Vandal has been removed from the shop. This update is a significant change to the game’s weapons, and it’s one that players have been asking for. The removal of the Vandal means that players will have to rely on other weapons to get the job done.


These updates are a welcome addition to VALORANT. They will keep players engaged and entertained, and they add a new


dimension to the gameplay. The new features will require players to adapt quickly to the changes, but they will ultimately enhance the overall gaming experience.

It’s worth noting that VALORANT is constantly evolving, with regular updates and changes being made. The developers are committed to keeping the game fresh and exciting for players, and they continue to listen to feedback from the gaming community to ensure that the changes made to the game are well-received.

In conclusion, the updates to VALORANT have made the game even more exciting to play. Players can expect new challenges, features, and enhancements to the gameplay as the game continues to evolve. It’s no surprise that VALORANT continues to be one of the most popular first-person shooter games out there.


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