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TSM’s BGMI Stars Jump Ship to Gods Reign: Report



In a groundbreaking development for the Indian esports scene, Gods Reign, a prominent organization, is on the cusp of signing TSM’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster. With the highly anticipated return of BGMI, esports organizations are gearing up to reignite their operations, and Gods Reign is determined to make a statement by assembling a powerhouse team.

The official social media channels of Gods Reign recently teased their forthcoming BGMI roster announcement, generating widespread excitement among gaming enthusiasts. The organization acknowledged the significance of the day for the Indian esports ecosystem and expressed their eagerness to witness the much-anticipated game’s revival. However, an exact date for the roster unveiling remains undisclosed, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the announcement.

This news arrives at a crucial juncture for Gods Reign, coinciding with significant structural changes within the Los Angeles-based esports organization. After the collapse of a $210 million USD naming rights deal with FTX due to the volatile crypto market, TSM is reportedly considering downsizing its operations across multiple gaming titles. This potential downsizing includes the BGMI lineup, which has been on hiatus since the game’s ban.


While no official confirmation has been provided regarding the TSM players’ transition to Gods Reign, rumors within the gaming community suggest that Aquanox, Blaze, and Ninjajod have already parted ways with the US-based organization. These players garnered attention in 2021 for their exceptional performance, securing a second-place finish in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series and emerging victorious in the Nodwin x Loco All Stars Invitational.

However, the TSM lineup faced setbacks prior to BGMI’s ban in India, finishing at the bottom in two consecutive official tournaments. The departure of Shadow from the roster exacerbated their challenges, leaving the team without a skilled in-game leader (IGL). To address this void, it is speculated that Robin, a former teammate of Aquanox, Blaze, and Ninjajod, will assume the critical role of the IGL in the upcoming Gods Reign lineup. Robin’s experience and synergy with the players make him a fitting choice to lead the team strategically and guide them towards success.

Gods Reign’s acquisition of TSM’s BGMI roster marks a significant turning point for both organizations. With this talented group of players, Gods Reign aims to reestablish their dominance in the BGMI esports landscape. The team’s collective expertise, coupled with Robin’s leadership, holds the potential to propel them to new heights and secure prominent placements in future tournaments.


As BGMI makes its triumphant return, Gods Reign’s aspirations to lead the pack are evident. Fans eagerly await the official announcement and unveiling of the highly anticipated roster, which promises to deliver thrilling and competitive gameplay. The stage is set for an enthralling chapter in the history of Gods Reign as they strive to carve their path to victory and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the dynamic world of BGMI esports.

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