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How to Become a CEO in GTA 5



If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto, you know that power is everything in this game. And what better way to wield it than by becoming a CEO? You’ll have people working for you instead of the other way around, and you’ll be rolling in cash. But first, you’ll need to purchase an office. In this guide, we’ll show you how to become a CEO in GTA 5 and which offices to buy.

To become a CEO in GTA Online, you’ll need to have at least a million dollars in cash. This is the starting price for offices, and there are four options available for purchase. To buy an office, you’ll need to open your phone and go to Dynasty8 Executive Realty on the Internet. From there, you can choose which office you want to buy, and each one comes with various upgrade options.

The Maze Bank Tower is the most expensive option at $4 million, but it also offers the most features. The Lombank West office is slightly cheaper at $3.1 million and has a great location. The Arcadius Business Center is a mid-range option at $2.25 million, and the Maze Bank West is the cheapest office at $1 million.


Upgrades available for each office include decor, personnel (a secretary of your choosing), organization name and branding, a gun locker, a safe, and even an attached apartment. Of course, these upgrades will cost extra, so make sure you have the capital to invest in them.

Once you’ve purchased an office, you can register as a CEO in the game. As a CEO, you’ll have access to all the same benefits as a VIP, including the ability to hire and fire bodyguards, access VIP jobs, challenges, and abilities, and earn extra cash through members of your organization. Additionally, owning properties will unlock new vehicles for you to use.

Your associates in your organization will receive RP bonuses for being close to you, extra wages for consecutive special cargo missions, extra wages for helping the CEO complete missions, and an increased health regeneration cap. As the CEO, you’ll earn a wage of $5000 every 15 minutes, but this amount can be reduced if you get killed while working.


To add associates to your organization, you can send them a text message on their phone inviting them to join you. This will give them access to all the benefits of being a part of your organization.

In conclusion, becoming a CEO in GTA 5 takes some investment, but it can be a great way to wield power and earn cash. Make sure to choose the right office for your needs and consider investing in upgrades to make your organization more efficient.

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