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The developers of Valorant have introduced a whole new character into the game with the patch update 3.10. The new chamber character in valorant sentinel roster with Cypher and Sage. The game developers are ready to add their 17th agent to the increasing number of agents.

With every new episode, the developers have decided to add a new map and a new agent which brings a very big change in the meta of the game. They have already announced a new map Fracture with patch 3.05 and now a new character with patch 3.10. The patch update has affected Jett’s pick due to the arrival of the Chamber character because of the ultimate skill of chamber which has the most powerful sniper power. Due to several issues, the character’s launch was postponed to the next patch update.

Chamber is a sentinel character, which means the character can provide the team with some extra equipment, but he’ll have to grab some kills in order to use the ability. His ultimate ability brings out his custom sniper which can kill the enemy in a single blow and slows down the enemies around the player that recently died.


Trademark (C): A trap to scan the enemies. When an enemy comes in the range of the trap, it counts down and destabilizes the terrain around them, creating a force field to slow down the players caught.
Headhunter (Q): A heavy piston that players can use as a secondary weapon. The weapon provides an alternate fire to aim down sights.
Rendezvous (E): A teleportation ability, the player can use after missing a shot to run away from enemies.
Tour de force (X): A powerful custom sniper which can kill the enemy in a single shot. After killing an enemy, a force field is created around the enemy that just died which can slow down the enemies caught inside the field.

Chamber’s ability is a better choice for the snipers as the custom sniper is much more powerful when compared to other snipers. The ability is very helpful to save the economy in order to gain an advantage in the next round and will contribute to the eco-round.

The character is categorized under the S-tier agent in valorant.

Written by: Tanay Pathare

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